Over the past 43 years, we have presented 71 full length plays, 50 One Act plays, 7 Musicals, 3 Music Halls, 5 Pantomimes as well as raising over £34,000 for local charities

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Our Fundraising Journey Begins…

St. Alban’s Players has a 43-year-old history, during which we have evolved from a small group of the St. Alban’s congregation into a 50+ member theatre group hailing from across the Bristol area. One constant, however, has been our main rehearsal and performance space - the Church Hall at St. Alban’s on Bayswater Ave.

The Stage and Hall have been refurbished over the years, benefitting the production atmosphere greatly - new chairs for performances and new curtains in recent years are just two examples. The Stage Apron – the part of the stage that sits in front of the curtain, closest to the audience – was constructed by members of St. Alban’s Players over 30 years ago. In addition to extending the stage, it has a trap door on one end and provides an unsecured storage space. Unfortunately, the materials used mean that it is very heavy to maneuver, be it to open the trap door, managing storage, or dismantling for hall cleaning, etc. Additionally, as it is a fixed structure, this limits the flexibility of productions we can put on.

We would like to invest in a modular system to replace this apron. The design we are hoping to build will provide several secure sections for storage, allow for flexibility of trap door positioning and, best of all, be constructed in such a way that it can easily be moved around, allowing us to be more creative in production set design, developing our skills as a Theatre group even more!

The modular extension will be made to last, but we need to pay for it first; it is estimated that it will cost around £6,500 for the apron and stairs - we have our work cut out for us, but we are excited about the challenge and know it will be worth it!

St Alban’s Players continue their commitment to evolve the development of their drama presentation to a very high standard in all departments, especially technically, and build on past achievements. To this end, we are now embarking on this fund-raising year to enhance our productions even more with the addition of this new apron.

Those familiar with St. Alban’s Players know that giving to charity is a core part of who we are as a club. With that aim, we will continue to hold raffles for our chosen charity of the Season during our Autumn and Spring productions, adding specific fundraising events to our calendar from which proceeds will go to support our investment plans for St. Alban’s Players specifically.

We hope you can see the benefit a new stage apron will bring to future productions. To give you an idea of the proposed modular extension, the illustrations at the top of this page may help.

We will keep the running total of our fundraising on the home page of our website so you can keep a track of how we are doing. If you are reading this and would like to help in any way, please do drop us an email and we can chat – you can donate (see the box office page), you can hold a fundraising event, or support someone else with their fundraising efforts. All and any contributions of time, money or effort will be greatly appreciated!

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