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God of Carnage


Yasmina Reza

directed by

Barbara Crass


Véronique - Andrea Pleasant

Michel - Rory Adamson

Alain - David Williams

Annette - Miranda Pinder


Director - Barbara Crass

Assistant Director - Betty Wills

Lighting Design - John Davey

Sound Design - Charlie Whitehead

Set Design & Décor - Jane Birakos

Costume Design &
Stage Management - Sue Cox

God of Carnage is a brutally comic dissection of bourgeois values and social hypocrisy.

Disruption lies at the heart of the play itself. Two ostensibly civilised couples meet to sort out a playground punch-up: the son of Alain and Annette has broken two incisors of the son of their hosts, Michel and Véronique. At first, diplomatic niceties are observed. Gradually, however, tensions emerge between and among the couples.

Alain, a cynical lawyer distractedly defending a dodgy pharmaceutical company on his mobile, irks his hosts and sickens his wife. Meanwhile, Véronique, a moral crusader who has just written a book about Darfur, allows her mask to slip and exposes the hollowness of her marriage to Michel, who is a vulgar nihilist at heart.

As she proved in her hugely successful play, ‘ART” Reza is an expert analyst of social hypocrisy; and her play, in Christopher Hampton's witty translation, starts out as a rancidly funny account of two couples tiptoeing around their mutual dislike.

Throughout  this 90-minute play, nagging questions arise. You wonder how the marriage of a chic radical like Véronique to a deeply discontented husband like Michel has endured as long as it has and Annette’s frustration with the cynical Alain casts long shadows over any possible future together…all surfacing because of a playground fight!

Do come along to enjoy a talented cast providing lots of fun whilst helping you to decide who are really in need of help, the children or their parents?