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Nell Gwynn


Jessica Swale

directed by

Matthew Deering

& Sandra Tomkins

Mention Nell Gwynn and most people think of Oranges!

Push further and it seems we know remarkably little about the defiant young girl who used to dress as a man wearing a beard in an attempt to try to see more of London.

Selling Oranges in a Theatre somehow led to her descendants owning the only house in Pall Mall not belonging to the Crown.

This play was first performed at Shakespeare's Globe in 2015 and is only just available for the amateur stage.  It is not a history lesson, but a fun and very entertaining near farce that somehow manages to demonstrate that even in the chauvinistic and hedonistic times of the restoration King, a woman from Coal Yard Alley could plot her own course.

And of course there are Oranges. And dresses. And Big Hats.


Nell Gwynn - Rebecca Haselhurst

Rose Gwynn - Chrissie Gay

Nancy - Fiona Newman

Lady Castlemaine - Jenny Moultrie

Louise de Keroualle - Sienna Jackson-Wolfe

Queen Catherine - Sally Jones

Old Ma Gwynn - Barbara Crass

King Charles II - Ross Scott

Charles Hart - Daniel Penfold

Thomas Killigrew - David Williams

Edward Kynaston - Charlie Whitehead

John Dryden - Rory Adamson

Lord Arlington - Sebastian Birch

Ned Spiggett - Jeremy Livett

Servant - Rosie Jenkins

William - Paul Mackenzie-Smith

Heckler - Cherry Richards

Orange Seller/Servant - Bethany Maskall

Orange Seller/Servant - Miranda Pinder